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Wanted Importers – Distributors – Wholesaler’s Worldwide

My Pastry Mate is the ORIGINAL & STILL THE BEST PASTRY MAT on the market. Made from specialised materials, not general-purpose vinyl, containing no toxic metals, the My Pastry Mate conforms to the Australian AS2070 standard in accordance with the food act (some of the highest food safety standards in the world), and is health regulation approved making it 100% food safe.

The My Pastry Mate is currently represented and sold in number of countries worldwide, the best product can’t be sold if nobody is able to show the people how good the product really is. We welcome these people in our My Pastry Mate Distribution family and are always looking for the right partners in countries where My Pastry Mate is not available yet.

The My Pastry Mate is very easy to sell for anyone servicing and distributing products in the following fields:Distributors Wanted World Wide

  • Retail Cake Decorating Stores
  • Retail Department Stores
  • Franchise Outlets
  • Bakery Outlets
  • Caterers
  • Food Handling

Enquiries are welcomed from any serious Distributors and/or Joint Venture Partners from all counties who are committed to the promotion and sales in any of the above industries, and willing to promote and sell the My Pastry Mate.

My Pastry Mate has numerous packaging and branding options.

To make initial inquiries, please feel free to contact us initially via email.

We require you tell us initially a little about yourselves:

  • Who you are
  • Where you are based
  • Who you service (number of outlets)
  • Other products you distribute
  • Initial thoughts and plans for My Pastry Mate Distribution

Enquiries should be directed to:

The International Distribution Manager

My Pastry Mate
PO Box 161
Chirnside Park
Victoria, 3116

Email: sales@mypastrymate.com.au

Ph: +61 3 9735 0478